Nature Walk - Animal Homes

At the end of our indoor work cycle today we began the book Looking Into Nature's Secrets.  We read about several different types of animal homes.  Animals, like people, need homes that protect them from bad weather, keep them safe and provide a place to raise their young.  Animals have different ways of living and jobs therefore some homes are underground, some are in trees and some are built in water.  We learned some new words for animal homes including, nest (bird), hive (bee), lodge (beaver), den (bear) and tunnel (insects and some birds).

We observed several animals on our walk including squirrels, birds, a worm, spiders, geese and snails.  Some animal homes like the bird's nest and the spider's web we were able to observe.  Other animal homes, like those of the geese and squirrels, we had to guess where they were built.  Click the below gallery to see images from today's walk.